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Window with book, chair, water and plant in Autumn.

10 Reasons to Give Up Alcohol This October

Ever thought it would be impossible to go cold turkey for a month? Think again. Sober October is a fundraising project ran by Macmillan Cancer Support that has raised over £33 million since it began in 2014 and has grown in popularity every year. So, whether you want to be a part of the official campaign or not, here’s 10 reasons why you should consider giving up alcohol this year.

Window with book, chair, water and plant in Autumn.

01. Help people battling cancer

Whether you choose to support Macmillan, or another charity, it is a great thing to do simply for the sake of being kind to those in need, especially when the pandemic year has made living with an illness, such as cancer, even more difficult.

02. Feel proud of yourself

Nothing will compare to that sense of accomplishment after the month is over and you can take pride in knowing that you’ve achieved something different this year.

03. Better sleep cycle

Although you may find yourself nodding off easier after a few drinks you will usually still find yourself waking up exhausted, as alcohol increases the amount of deep sleep in your cycle, rather than the REM stage which is more restful.

04. Improved energy levels

Better sleep will mean you wake up with more energy which will improve your ability to concentrate so whatever you put your mind towards in October you can do it with 100%.

05. Increased motivation

Avoiding excessive drinking means you no longer suffer with severe hangovers that prevent you from making the most of your weekends –with all this increased energy and motivation you may like to add some exercise into your weekend routine.

06. Lose weight

It’s well known that alcohol is very sugary and calorific, so if you’re wanting to get rid of that summer beer belly then cutting it out for a month may help you to lose a few pounds – use this calculator to work out how many calories you usually consume weekly by drinking alcohol.

07. Clearer skin

Look out for the improvement you see in your skin and overall appearance when you cut out the toxins and sugar in alcohol and improve your sleeping pattern.

08. Eliminate ‘hangxiety’

Most people are familiar with the sense of fear they wake up with after a heavy night of drinking, struggling to remember what they did or said the night before –well, by giving up booze, you could enjoy a month without worrying about your weekend antics.

09. More spare time to take up a new hobby

Find an interesting, new book or do something you’ve always been meaning to as a substitute for the time you would’ve spent in the pub.

10. Save money

Drinking could add up to a huge amount of your expenses, especially if you’re buying drinks out in bars and pubs–why not work out how much you spend on alcohol in a typical week and then save this amount each week to put towards something you really want, like a weekend away or a home improvement –if you’re worried about your finances getting out of hand then why not see if you qualify for a consolidation loan by Consolidation Express to help pay off your debts and stop creditor’s contacting you.

So, if you’re debating quitting booze this October then just think about how much your mental, physical and financial health could benefit.

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