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How to Tell Your Partner About Your Debt

Many people struggling with debt experience feelings of shame and guilt about their financial situation. However, according to Cybercrew, 63% of adults in the UK have personal debt. So, the reality is that debt is completely normal and struggling to make payments is something most people will experience in their lifetime.

Still, sometimes there are unexpected bumps in the road, and repaying your debts can become unmanageable. In these circumstances asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of and the longer you stay in denial about your finances the worse they will get. Remember, your family and friends are there to help you through tough times. So, here’s some advice to help make the conversation easier.

A sofa behind a table with two coffees on it.

01. Communication is key

Often people think they can overcome their financial problems on their own, so try to hide them from their family and friends. However, this often makes the problem worse as partners usually find out in the end and feel more upset that they didn’t know the truth sooner. So, try to speak about your finances as soon as you feel comfortable enough in the relationship.

02. Be prepared

It’s important to plan what you are going to say before having a conversation about debt. This will help to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed in the moment. This could involve writing down the following:

  • How your debt problems came about
  • How much you owe
  • How you’re planning to pay it off

03. Honesty is the best policy

To maintain the trust between you and your partner it’s important to explain in full how your debt problems came about. It’s probably due to a combination of factors out of your hands and a few mistakes you may have made along the way. Either way, your partner is much more likely to be understanding if you’re honest and apologetic where necessary.

04. Organise a time to speak

It’s a good idea to warn your partner that you have something important to speak about, rather than springing it on them unexpectedly. So, put aside a specific time to have a calm conversation without distractions.

05. Have a plan!

The best way to reassure your partner that everything is under control is by having a plan of action to tackle your debts. That’s where we may be able to help. Here at Consolidation Express, we offer consolidation loans that allow you to pay one affordable monthly sum towards all your debts. This could make paying back your lenders much simpler and enable you to create a realistic timeline for getting debt-free.

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Don't struggle with the burden of debt on your own

So, if you’re tired of running away from your debts and want to take back control then reach out for help today. Here at Consolidation Express, we believe that nobody should have to struggle with the burden of debt on their own. Fill out our online application today for further help.

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