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How Much do Music Festivals Cost?

Music festivals are often a quintessential part of the British summer and beloved by millions across the country. However, due to current affairs, many of these events are now unfortunately cancelled.

If you’ve got a ticket to a festival which has been cancelled, you may be able to get a refund by contacting the organiser directly. After all, a ticket to Glastonbury costs £265 plus a booking fee so it’s understandable if you’d want some money back.

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Alternatively, many festivals are simply allowing these tickets to be used next year – when hopefully life has returned to a more normal state. If that’s your plan and wondering how much to budget for when festival season starts again, here’s a breakdown of where your money could go:

At festivals, we spend an average of £67 every day

In total, it’s estimated we spend £1.2bn on festivals while the average people pays around £67 each day on a variety of things. Although the most expensive cost is food, the rest of the money may go on merchandise or enjoying the various paid attractions at these events.

On average, £46 gets spent on food every day

As mentioned, food is the biggest daily spend at a festival with the average person spending almost £50 on this expense. Far from the traditional festival meals though, it seems attendees have far more exotic tastes in mind. Curries, thali, or kimchee were meals mentioned but five per cent of respondents stated they’d be tucking into insects.

80% would buy unique products from festival retailers

Although it feels like we buy most of our shopping online, festival-goers were interested in shopping for unique items at these venues. Retailers actually tend to use these events for pitching new products or seeing who would be interested in new merchandise. As a result, you’re almost guaranteed to find something you won’t see anywhere else at a festival.

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Want to get in better financial control for 2021?

Unfortunately, the festival scene has currently been postponed. However, there’s no reason why we can’t prepare for next year. If you’re wondering how you could afford a ticket to Glastonbury 2021 though, while juggling demands from lenders, speak to us about debt consolidation.

A debt consolidation loan can take multiple payments to lenders and consolidate them into one affordable monthly sum – making your financial situation much easier to manage. To find out more information, click on the button below. It’ll tell you if you qualify.

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