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Five Ways to Save Money – Without Leaving Your Seat

Our saving money series has been a real hit lately. From our advice on how to live a healthier lifestyle to ten tips on budgeting quickly, we’re pleased we’ve been able to help so many of you.

As a result, we’re back with a few more ways on how to cut your costs. As an added bonus, we think you can do these without actually leaving your seat. Whether reading this on your mobile or from a desktop, you can open a new window when you’ve finished reading and could start saving money straight away.

An image of a sofa, laptop and pound coin

1. Start by unsubscribing from emails

Over the years, email inboxes become more the domain of spam and marketing offers rather than actually containing the information we need. Whether you signed up for these emails on purpose or just seemed to accumulate them, we can agree your life would probably be easier without so many of these communications.

It’s time for a cleanup. Go through as many of these non-essential emails as you can and click that ‘unsubscribe’ button.

Make no mistake, email marketers know what they’re doing. Not only will you find your inbox easier to manage but you’ll be less tempted by the promotions competing for your attention. It’s a win for everybody! Well, apart from those marketers…

2. Visit a price comparison website

Whatever service you’re currently using, – such as energy, insurance, or broadband – you can use a price comparison website to determine if you’re getting a good deal. It’s always worth browsing when you can as it’s possible to save hundreds on your bills.

3. Go to the library – online

You can do this in person if you like but why bother when so many libraries are moving online? Far from just specialising in books, you can find digital copies as well as audiobooks to get stuck into.

The average person goes through around 12 books each year. As many of these cost at least £10 – sometimes never to be read again – you can save a decent amount of cash by borrowing instead of buying.

4. Switch to online shopping

Going to the shops is great but have you ever walked out carrying more than you anticipated? That’s the problem with physical shopping, it’s so easy to get tempted by the smell of the bakery or be drawn in by special offers and discounts.

Those little purchases add up over time, turning your average shop into an expensive affair. To remove temptation, consider shopping online – you’ll only pick up the bits you need and it’s often much less stressful than trudging around a packed supermarket.

5. Look at price-matching

Some of the major supermarkets, such as Tesco, Asda, and Ocado offer discounts to customers if products could have been bought cheaper from other supermarkets. It’s worth looking at the terms and conditions – and saving your receipt from your last online shop – but you might be able to knock pounds off your order by seeing if you’d qualify for a price-matching scheme.

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Looking for a way to save money? Consolidation could be the answer

If you’re looking to save money each month, you might be able to trim your expenses through debt consolidation. A debt solution aimed at simplifying your finances, it can leave you paying just one affordable sum each month. As a result, it could also help you save money.

For more information, and to find out if you qualify, click the button below.

Apply for Debt Consolidation An image of a hand pressing an apply button on a mobile phone screen.
An image of a hand pressing an apply button on a mobile phone screen.

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