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What Debts Can be Consolidated?

If you’re struggling to repay multiple lenders, then debt consolidation could allow you to pay off these accounts and just focus on making one affordable monthly payment. As a broker, we work with providers who supply loans up to £75,000. This means we can help resolve many types and sizes of debt.

However, not all types of debt can be consolidated. We’ve detailed how we can best help below:

What debts can be consolidated?

Broadly speaking, unsecured debts can be consolidated. The most common types of debt we help resolve include:

However, other debts which could be consolidated may also include overdrafts and phone bills from previous providers. Generally speaking, as long as the debt isn’t secured against anything, you should be able to resolve it through consolidation.

What debts can’t be consolidated?

There are several debts which typically can’t be resolved through consolidation. Some of the most common include:

  • Mortgage payments;
  • Car finance;
  • Court fines

Generally, if you’re trying to resolve a debt which is secured against an asset, you may be unable to do this through consolidation.

Can my debt be consolidated?

Although we’ve covered a few examples here, we’re aware there are many types of debt. If you’re wondering whether a loan would completely resolve your accounts, you should ask us.

We’ve heard just about every story so we can tell you – at no cost – whether we think a debt consolidation loan is the best solution for you.

Just let us know what debts you want consolidated, and we’ll get your application started!

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